Introducing I-News
“The kind of journalism Colorado deserves.”
– John Temple, former president of the Rocky Mountain News and current member of the Rocky Mountain PBS board of directors

Were you one of the many Coloradans who was alarmed when the Rocky Mountain News closed four years ago? Have you watched in dismay as other news outlets across the state endured severe staff cuts, leaving many just half the size they once were?
Rocky Mountain PBS has taken an unprecedented step to protect the interests of Coloradans just like you. We have merged with I-News, the first and only news organization in the state fully devoted to in-depth, public service journalism.

Staffed by some of the most experienced and highly-regarded journalists in the region, I-News produces research-based reporting that has inspired positive change for the people of Colorado. A few examples:

  • The Colorado State Board of Education toughened standards for online schools after I-News reported that the schools received millions in tax dollars despite abysmal graduation rates and falling test scores.
  • Lawmakers tightened tax laws after I-News revealed that movie stars and big-time developers got tax breaks meant for farmers and ranchers.
  • Administrators took increased steps to protect students after I-News reported that some schools withheld information about sexual assaults on campus.

Our recent I-News report, Losing Ground, is making waves throughout the state. It reveals how black and Latino Coloradans are falling further behind their white counterparts. Losing Ground has received extensive media coverage, helping to heighten public awareness of this critical issue, spurring some civic organizations to action and inspiring the introduction of state legislation to investigate inequities and search for solutions.

Another recent report, Deadliest Neighborhood, goes beyond the gun debate rhetoric to analyze firearm deaths in Colorado.

We are proud to be serving the public by producing this important journalism. I invite you to sign up for Rocky Mountain PBS' e-newsletter so you can stay abreast of our new reports. You can learn more at


Douglas M. Price
President & CEO
Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

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I-News Receives Knight Local Media Initiative Grant

I-News Receives Knight Local Media Initiative Grant

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation gives $75,000 grant supporting I-News.

9 NEWS and Rocky Mountain PBS Investigative News Partnership

9NEWS and Rocky Mountain PBS News sign multi-year cooperative agreement joining 9Wants to Know with I-News, creating Colorado’s premier broadcast investigative news unit.

New Collaborative Journalism Center: Inside Energy

Inside Energy, a national hub for energy reporting, is a collaboration of seven public radio and television stations from the nation’s energy epicenter.

National Network

Rocky Mountain PBS News (formerly I-News) is a founding member of the national Investigative News Network.

This national group includes nonprofit investigative journalism organizations from across the nation — from Voice of San Diego to the Center for Public Integrity, from NPR and PBS to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Collaborating on both reporting and the business of operating a nonprofit, network members are able to leverage resources and make their dollars — and their reporting — go farther.

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