Local Story: Lisa Garness Mallory

Meet Lisa Garness Mallory, a photographer who creates a unique look by hand etching her images. While a traditional etching would require a metal sheet, Garness Mallory uses a needle to create depth to her digital photographs. She describes her idea to start etching as an answer to prayers that came to her one night. She quickly found that this new technique allowed her to enhance lines, textures, depth and light in her already colorful photos. 

Garness Mallory's passion for nature is apparent. Flowers and butterflies remain constants in her work as well as other animals. The bonds Garness Mallory develops with her subjects and her spiritual connection to nature serve her well, enabling her to capture exquisite details unseen by the naked eye. 

In 2010, Garness Mallory experienced two life threatening illnesses, including a slight brain injury that caused her to forget her etching technique. Her passion to continue her artist journey kept her fighting and she was able to re-learn her etching technique by referencing work she had done prior to her illness.    

While she builds an emotional connection with her work, Garness Mallory says her goal is to see each piece she creates go to a forever home. 

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Lisa Garness Mallory

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