Black Round Table Targets Inequities Exposed by RMPBS News’ Losing Ground

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Gaining Ground Summit, Denver Colorado Sept. 27, 2014 from Rocky Mountain PBS on Vimeo.

The Colorado Black Round Table's second annual Gaining Ground summit targeted inequities experienced by the state's black residents in education, health care,  criminal justice and family incomes, as compared to the state's white residents.

The Rocky Mountain PBS News investigative series, Losing Ground, examined six decades of U.S. Census records to reveal that in important measures of social progress the state's largest minority groups, Latinos and blacks, have fallen further behind. The report looked at poverty, family income, home ownership, and high school and college graduation rates. Disparities in health care and criminal justice were also documented.

The RMPBS News research showed that by many indicators the gaps have widened since the decades surrounding the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, when they narrowed somewhat. The Gaining Ground movement has been focused on measures to reverse those trends

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