Teacher by day, waitress by night: Colorado teachers work second jobs to make ends meet

Last Updated by Chalkbeat, Ann Schimke on

The prevalence of teachers with second jobs is one symptom of larger, systemic problems — the steady erosion of teacher pay, Colorado’s perennial school funding crunch and skyrocketing housing costs. But some teachers and observers say it’s also a problem in its own right, sapping teachers’ energy, diverting their focus from the classroom and contributing to decisions to leave the profession.

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More than $1 billion of marijuana sold in Colorado in 2016

Last Updated by CNN , Sophie Lewis on

It's always 4/20 somewhere — at least in Colorado. The state's marijuana shops have reached a massive new milestone: $1 billion in legal, regulated sales in the first 10 months of 2016.

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Colorado to add 63,000 jobs in 2017, housing prices will keep going up

Last Updated by Jackie Fortier, KUNC on

Economic forecast from University of Colorado researchers anticipates rise in both housing and consumer prices in 2017, but wages aren’t expected to keep up.

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With credit cards in heavy holiday use, which Colorado residents are in best shape with debt?

Posted by RMPBS News Staff on

Latest calculations show Colorado in step with nationwide average, according to financial researchers.

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Midwest producers hope hard cider will bring fame and fortune

Posted by Harvest Public Media, Jack Williams on

One Nebraska vineyard started producing hard apple cider after a shaky grape season. Today, it outpaces their wine production.

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Rental costs outpace housing voucher payments available to low-income families

Posted by RMPBS News Staff on

Rents rose 6.2 percent in Colorado between February 2015 and March 2016, more than triple the national average.

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Harvest Public Media: Unlike urban America, rural areas still waiting to recover from Great Recession

Posted by Luke Runyon, Harvest Public Media on

USDA report, "Rural America at a Glance 2016," shows economic health problems have proven stubbornly difficult to reverse: employment rates stagnated; population declined, then plateaued; people became poorer; more children grew hungry.

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Colorado immigrants and advocates anxiously await clarity, impact of new policy

Last Updated by RMPBS News Staff, Cynthia Hessin on

An estimated 4.9 percent of Colorado's workforce may be undocumented. "Now they're buying their cars, getting their credit cards. They're buying their houses, creating their own businesses."

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2015 Drought's Direct Costs to California Agriculture: $1.84 billion

Last Updated by Jim Trotter on

Although California is in the fourth year of punishing drought – with the last two years being among the hottest and driest on record a new analysis by the University of California shows surprising resilience in the state’s agricultural economy to go along with eye-popping losses.

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