How eliminating federal funding for public broadcasting would harm Colorado

Posted by Micah Schwalb, Dave Leonard on

At just $1.35 per citizen annually per year, or .01 percent of the federal budget, public broadcasting is one of America’s best investments – and benefits all Coloradans.

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Rocky Mountain PBS welcomes John Ferrugia as Principal News Anchor and Managing Editor

Last Updated by Alexa Corcoran on

Investigative reporter and award-winning journalist John Ferrugia has joined Rocky Mountain PBS as Principal News Anchor and Managing Editor.

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An Open Conversation about Merits and Flaws of Neighborhood Schools

Last Updated by Alan Gottlieb on

Most everyone is ready to extol the virtues of neighborhood schools. But, what if, in a city like Denver where many neighborhoods are largely segregated, the school down the block is a detriment to poor children of color?

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Special School in a Tough Part of Town Demonstrates How to Get Job Done

Last Updated by Burt Hubbard on

At Centennial Elementary School, which serves a tough neighborhood in Colorado Springs, low proficiency rates in reading, writing and arithmetic and wide achievement gaps between races are relics of the past.

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