Sex trafficking of Children in Colorado Reaches Every Corner of the State

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In every corner of Colorado, from the Front Range to the mountains to the plains, prosecutors found enough probable cause in more than five years to charge 369 people with crimes related to sex-trafficking children.

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Bipartisan Sex Trafficking Bill Stalls in Senate Committee

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A bipartisan bill aimed at increasing human trafficking training for law enforcement and schools around the state has stalled in a Colorado Senate committee. The bill failed during a 4-3 vote in the Senate Committee on Appropriations. It would have designated $69,922 to the division of criminal justice for implementation.  

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Trafficking Training Bill Passes CO House of Representatives

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The Colorado House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill that would increase human trafficking training for law enforcement and other organizations that provide services to human trafficking victims.

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Insight Podcast Featured on CPR News

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Watch the full investigation, learn more about sex trafficking in Colorado, and listen to the podcast here.

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Traded & Trafficked: An Insight Podcast Special

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You might not think child sex trafficking goes on where you live, but this type of crime reaches every corner of Colorado.

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Trump Signs Law to Fight Online Prostitution

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President Donald Trump signed into law today legislation that criminalizes the use of the internet to advertise prostitution and child sex trafficking.

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Indictment Alleges Ignored Reports of Child Trafficking

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A Phoenix grand jury indicted executives of, a classified ad website that unsealed court documents allege was a marketplace for prostitution and child sex trafficking.

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The FBI, IRS and other federal law enforcement agencies seized, a website that advertised child sex trafficking and other illegal activity.

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