Colorado Election Roundup

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Colorado Election Roundup

Here is how the top statewide Colorado races turned out with more than 80% of the vote counted. For more information and final tallies, visit the Colorado Secretary of State website.

President -- Clinton
Colorado voted 47% to 45% in favor of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 5% of the vote.

U.S. Senate -- Bennet
Incumbent Michael Bennet got 49% of the vote vs. Darryl Glenn’s 46%. Libertarian Lily Tang got 3%.

Congress -- incumbents
In the most highly contested races, the two Republican incumbents beat their Democratic challengers. Scott Tipton beat Gail Schwartz 55% to 41% in the 3rd Congressional District. Mike Coffman beat Morgan Carroll, 52% to 43%. Other Congressional districts can be seen at the Colorado Secretary of State’s election website.

Minimum Wage Increase -- passed
Voters passed Amendment 70, which will raise the state minimum wage from $8.31 an hour to $9.30 next year and $12 by 2020, voting 54% to 46%.

Medical Aid in Dying -- passed
Proposition 106, the Colorado End-of-Life-Options Act, will allow terminally ill patients with six months or less to live to get medical assistance to end their lives. It passed 65% to 35%.

Open Primary Elections -- passed
Proposition 107 will return open presidential primary elections to Colorado, instead of party caucuses. Voters approved the measure 64% to 36%.

Unaffiliated Voters in Presidential Primaries -- passed
Proposition 108 will allow unaffiliated voters to vote in primary elections. It passed 53% to 48%.

Tobacco Tax Increase -- failed
Amendment 72, which would have raised the state tax on cigarettes by $1.75 a pack, failed 54% to 46%.

Statewide Healthcare System -- failed
Amendment 69 -- ColoradoCare, which would have created a state-run universal healthcare system -- failed 80% to 20%.

Property tax exemption -- failed
Amendment U would have created a tax exemption for financial gains of less then $6,000 on property. It failed 57% to 43%.

Slavery ban for criminals – too close to call
Amendment T would have removed from language in the Colorado constitution that allows unpaid forced labor for convicted criminals. With 51 of 64 counties reporting, the measure was 49% in favor and 51% against.

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