First snow advice

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We asked for advice and you answered.

When our co-worker posted about the weather change we knew she needed help.

Only one of you told her to move back to California.


Here's the advice, encouragement, and little bit of shade our Facebook friends offered newcomers for Colorado winters:

Paul Mitts It's Denver. Winter only lasts a day or two. Then it's summer for a few days. Then winter for a few days more. Then spring, summer, winter, and fall -- all in the same day. Just make sure she learns how to drive in the rain. That'll bring most Californians to a complete stop on the freeway.

Jean Oatman My best advice..... ago back. It's freezing here, you won't make it, you will be scared to death driving. Lets see, you might freeze.

Gail Corle she's going to need help going from today and into tomorrow - layers oh layers and this is when our cars become closets

Bette Sargent I moved here from Southern California, 60 years ago. Love the change of seasons, just watch the weather reports, dress accordingly, and have good snow tires on all winter!!!

Sandra Lee Van Dam Welcome back! This storm's for you!

Sally Specht White Welcome back home!

Jack M B Selway It depends on where she moved from. California has dozens of weather systems.

LiVi Mares if this was home once, it'll all come back to her.. lol.

Pam Fowler Waterproof gloves and waterproof boots. If you get wet and cold it is hard to get warm.

Suzanne Claffey Long underwear for high country...layers for here

Sarah McAfee From a gal who moved here from Georgia: 
>Vaseline up your nose. 
>Good snow boots (I.e. ones from REI or other outdoor outfitters, and not the BS people sell for women with stiletto heels). 
>A good ice scraper and car snow brush—and actually USE it to remove the snow from your hood, roof, and trunk. 
>Slow the funk down. Yes. Slower than that. 
>Four wheel drive does not equal four wheel stop. 
>In fact, just take RTD and blame them when you’re late. 
>Layers. Scarf (again, one that is built to do something other than make fashion). Gloves (yep, skip the fashion looks). Hat (sense a pattern?) >Keep hydration up.

Kate Powell recommend driving lessons.

Salvatore Buccellato Tell her to move back to California

Ouch, Salvatore!

Feel free to jump into the Facebook post comments to add your own advice or like your favorites. 

Stay warm, Colorado. We're guessing there are a few more chilly days coming.

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