In response to U.S. gun violence, this blacksmith melts guns into garden tools

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Coe Burchfield

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, one organization transforms donated guns into workable garden tools in a powerful way.

Rawtools3.jpgCoe Burchfield

RAWtools founder Mike Martin accepts weapons donations, stripping them of metal. Then, using a process of smelting and metalwork, he turns these former firearms into handheld garden tools..

RAWtools2.jpgCoe Burchfield
RAWtools visits cities nationwide with their message of peace, engaging gun violence survivors in a healing and restorative process around the anvil.
During these visits, survivors and those who have lost loved ones to gun violence gather in community centers, churches, and parking lots to share their stories. Outside, they approach the hot iron, hammer in hand, and — with each strike — release years of pain and grief. As a crowd stands by in witness, enveloping the scene with a community’s strength and support, the hammer is passed, and a new tool is forged.

Martin said the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School motivated him to put his faith into practice, a way to address gun violence through direct means.

Arts District Guns to Garden Tools & At the Table with Dr. King Guns become garden tools and continuing the lessons from Dr. King in Colorado and beyond.


UPDATE: RAWTools had planned to put the tools for sale on their website last week but they sold out 48 hours after the story was posted on


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