Letter from Caroll Spinney to Big Bird family in Denver

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KRMA-TV, now more commonly known as Rocky Mountain PBS, found a relative of Big Bird here in Denver. Mrs Bird was designed to be the character's mother and a mascot for our station. Caroll Spinney, the man behind the giant yellow puppet, sent a note to the Colorado staff after seeing an article about the mother bird in the Denver Post.

We're told the costume is still somwhere in the building and we're going to to find it. 

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Dear Mother Bird, Olive Owl, Wilbur and Amanda Ostrich-

I just found out my mother, Mrs. Bird, lives in Denver! What a surprise! I don’t actually get out there to Denver very much so I doubt we’ll meet unless you can visit Sesame St. sometime.
I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the article in the Denver Post and I must say that Mrs. Bird does look like my mother! I’d love to see your show. Wait ‘til you see my new friend the Snuffleupagus.
The trouble is I’m the only one on Sesame Street who can see him! I’ll bet you’ll see him though on Nov. 15.
Thought I’d just say what I just did. So I did. That’s all.
Your Son-
Big Bird
(Caroll Spinney)
PS. Mainly we’d like to say to you- Keep up the good work.
  Mrs Bird


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