Update: Progress in man’s 2-week COVID-19 hospital fight

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A Highlands Ranch man who has been battling COVID-19 in the hospital for two weeks has finally been taken off mechanical ventilation and is "doing well," his wife says, although he remains in intensive care.

Brian Willie of Rocky Mountain PBS posted a video report March 30 about the plight of 60-year-old retiree Barry Kittay. His wife, Doe, took him to the hospital on March 21, where he tested positive for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. She has not been allowed to visit with him ever since because of hospital safety precautions during the pandemic.

"I've had 3 conversations with him this afternoon and evening and each time his first question is, why can't I come take him home?" Doe Kittay posted late Thursday, April 2, at CaringBridge, a hosting platform for people sharing "health journey" stories.

"I told him, let's get you out of ICU first, then we will see," Doe adds.

Her husband is now getting supplemental oxygen through a nasal cannula tube "and is able to chat with us," Doe says. "His vitals are good. [But] he is still really weak and has a long road of recovery ahead."

Barry began experiencing aches March 13, but a doctor told him his symptoms did not suggest COVID-19 and he was not tested. His symptoms worsened over the following week, and a COVID test came back positive after he was admitted to the hospital.

Barry, his temperature spiking as high as 105 degrees, was placed on a ventilator as the hospital medical team fought to deliver enough oxygen to his lungs and to bring down his fever. He endured what his wife called a "roller coaster" of good days and setbacks.

"Thank you for the extra prayers, energy and love you sent our way today," Doe posted late Thursday in a message to those following her husband's struggle. "It has made all of the difference and I couldn't be more grateful."

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