Colorado Experience Season 7

Colorado Experience Season 7 premieres October 3, 2019.  Episodes air Thursdays at 7:30pm on Rocky Mountain PBS.

701 Magic Mountain_5_Magic MountainDSC_9865_600x600.jpg

“Magic Mountain” – Magic Mountain has been renowned for its abundance of historic treasures ever since miners first looted it in the late 19th century. For decades now, scientists have attempted to uncover the ancient stories of Colorado at this fascinating site that reveals human history in layers of time. Researchers have now invited their neighbors to dig into this place, too. From looting to citizen science!



“Creede: The Last Boom Town” – In so many ways, the story of Colorado is the story of mining. And Creede stands as one of the last mining towns of its kind. So many mines and their legacies were abandoned over the years – and nearly lost forever. But a handful of heroes have staked a claim on history by preserving these sites.  From mining boom towns to ghost towns –  it’s all here.


Glen Eyrie

“Glen Eyrie Castle” – Enter the fascinating history of Colorado Springs’ founding estate. How did a refined English Tudor-style castle come to exist in the vast, unsettled West? Created by railroad tycoon and Civil War General William Jackson Palmer, Glen Eyrie Castle is adjacent to Garden of the Gods and the iconic views of Pikes Peak. Brand new archeological findings reveal intriguing details of castle life!


Monarch Mountain

“Monarch Mountain” – Discover one of the oldest downhill ski “resorts” in Colorado, celebrating 80 years in the 2019-2020 winter season! Monarch has been giving families, thrill seekers and mountain lovers a place to play since 1939. See this small resort’s big part in making Colorado a global destination for downhill skiers and a multibillion-dollar industry.


Wall Street of Colorado

“Wall Street of the West” – As the New York Stock Exchange grew, powerbrokers turned westward to develop the next financial empire. But to attract investors, Denver had to become more than a rag-tag western town. Despite enduring floods, fires, war and financial disaster, Denverites found a way to survive and compete. The resurgent new city built a financial district that propelled it to become the Wall Street of the West.


Forests of Colorado

“Forests of Change” – Humans have had a relationship with forests for eons. But today, Colorado’s forests are changing, potentially altering this intrinsic connection. Follow scientists and historians as they work to understand this transformation. Decipher tree rings, analyze aerial imagery, and learn of Colorado’s long history to unroot the causes and consequences of Colorado’s changing forests.


707 Hutchinson_1_Homestead House c1900-2_600x600.jpg

“Hutchinson Homestead” – Colorado’s pioneering spirit is alive and well at the Hutchinson Homestead and Learning Center, just outside of Salida. Cattle ranching since before statehood, the seventh generation Hutchinson family still ranches on the same land. Their preserved 1873 two-story homestead and 9 outbuildings are a testament to both the family’s fortitude and high country ranching.


Temple Hoyne Buell

“Temple Hoyne Buell” – Temple Hoyne Buell is renowned for creating the Cherry Creek Shopping Center--the first mall of its kind. Beyond that, he designed over 300 buildings throughout the state and established the non-profit Buell Foundation to give Colorado’s children the chance to fulfill their potential. This visionary architect and philanthropist’s legacy continues beyond his trademark cape and handlebar moustache.


709 Water_3_Water Stereograph LOC 2_600x600.jpg

“Western Water—and Power” – Ever since Western settlers dreamed of deserts in bloom, men have chased the mirage of more water than these arid lands can provide.  “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting” describes the urgent struggle every generation of Coloradans faces to control this fleeting resource -- creating hydrodynamic history through structures that can propel water to run uphill toward money, and power.


Fairy Caves

“The Fairy Caves” – Descend into the magical Fairy Caves – dubbed “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Hidden inside Glenwood Spring’s Iron Mountain, this living cave network inspires awe. But the caverns were nearly lost to time and were closed for over 80 years – until an engineer who happened to be a caver had a vision of how to return the magic to this fantastical place.


Press of the West

“Press of the West” – A printing press in the Old West was considered to be a “civilizer.” So when the newspaper in the tiny town of Mancos imported a high-end printer from back East in 1911, it was the beginning of a real community. 100 years after the Cranston Press first hit Mancos, a wild twist of fate led to its re-discovery and restoration. Now this incredibly rare press is back – creating a new community.


Cable Land

“Cable Land” – The humble beginnings of the Cable TV industry in Colorado spawned a multi billion dollar industry, arguably one of the most important in the world today. Colorado’s innovation led the high-speed internet revolution and transformed the industry. From Bill Daniels, Bob Magness and John Malone, meet the innovative visionaries who continue to reinvent the ways we consume media and communicate.


Rocky Mountain Public Media

“Rocky Mountain Public Media” – Discover the past, present and future of Colorado’s largest membership organization as it moves into its next chapter. Rocky Mountain Public Media’s holds a statewide network of 3 radio & 3 TV channels. From a Denver educational licensee in 1956 to the transformative Buell Public Media Center today, learn the story of Colorado’s public media and how it has changed with the times.


Colorado State Fair

“Colorado State Fair” –  Starting as a small horse exhibition in 1869, the Colorado State Fair has become the largest summer event in Colorado. How did the small fort town of Pueblo become the fun capital of Colorado summers? From livestock to peach pie contests. From big-name entertainment to little kids’ 4H. Go behind the scenes to see how the Fair really runs. It’s more fun than you can poke a corn dog at!