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Your business and workplace can support parents of young children in your community, including your employees. Additionally, you represent a respected voice in community decision-making on allocation of resources, the development of a strong and well-prepared workforce, and the overall health and well-being of your state and your region. We need your voices as advocates for the importance of early childhood as a public priority.

Mile High United Way:

We believe ALL children should be ready for school and reading at grade level or beyond by the end of third grade.


Executives Partnering to Invest in Children: 

EPIC works to harness the political and financial capital of Colorado's business sector to ensure that all children develop into healthy, educated and productive citizens. Join a brown bag lunch and learn series program, or participate in the statewide EPIC book drive for children.

Read an op-ed written by EPIC executives Greg Anton & Burnie Zercher and featured in The Denver Post about early childhood education here! 



The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership 

The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership is network of over 500 partners from across health, early learning and family support sectors working collectively to ensure all Colorado children are valued, healthy and thriving. The Partnership has spent over two years promoting and leveraging The Raising of America documentary series, supporting over 70 screenings to-date.
Want to join the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership? Learn more here.

Spread the news about the airing of The Raising of America series! Access the outreach toolkit here.
Interested in hosting a screening and discussion in your community? Use the screening toolkit developed by the Partnership here.


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