In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado

“In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado” is a new series Rocky Mountain PBS launched, in partnership with Colorado College, to support and promote the work of up-and-coming filmmakers from across the state. 

 Season 1 episode descriptions

Student Bios


Ana photos2.jpgAna Peña grew up in Colorado Springs. She graduated from Colorado College with a Film and Media Studies major and Spanish minor in 2015. She enjoys attending community events and shows, hiking, and attending film screenings.
Angela photo2.jpgAngela Kong is a Colorado College student majoring in Feminist and Gender Studies and minoring in Urban Studies. She is passionate about creating social change and facilitating awareness of important issues through the use of photography and videography. In her free time, she enjoys making vlogs inspired by her travels and capturing the world around her. 
Banner_Headshot2.jpgJillian Banner is a Cinema & Media Studies major at Carleton College, who made her film for In Short at Colorado College. Aside from filmmaking, she enjoys soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and graphic design. 
Dan photo.pngDan Levitt spent his first semester of college backpacking in the Himalayas, reached the peak of his athletic career in third grade as a Little League pitcher, and justifies his dairy consumption despite lactose intolerance with the motto, "drink milk now and ask for forgiveness later." A History graduate from Colorado College hailing from Massachusetts, he values the simple things in life: good movies, good food, and most importantly, good friends.
Djake photo.png
Djake Carroll is an aspiring filmmaker from Colorado College who dreams of revolution and the re-dawn of the age of zeppelins. 
Ghaffario Headshot.jpgMitra Ghaffari designed her own major at Colorado College, Intercultural Communication, and is minoring in Luso-Brazilian Studies and Spanish. As her first experience making a film, this project was an incredible opportunity and she is extremely grateful for everyone who was a part of it. 
Jeremy photo2.jpg
Jeremy Flood is a Film and Media/Political Science graduate from Colorado College who focuses on documentary film as a vehicle for political action. Jeremy worked as a volunteer for Boulder Food Rescue before becoming the Communications Coordinator for Colorado Springs Food Rescue. Originally he hails from Montclair, New Jersey but is a Coloradan at heart. 
Lauer Headshot2.jpg
Josh Lauer is a sophomore at Colorado College. Since making “In Training,” his love for film (and dogs) has only gotten bigger, and he hopes to major in film. Josh is also working to raise the profile of Esports in Colorado as co-chair of the college’s first-ever Esports club. He is from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Mac photo2.jpg​Mac Ross is a New York native who loves Colorado as much as she loves the city and loves drawing as much as she loves filmmaking. She’s graduating from Colorado College in 2015 as a Film and Media major.
Mastrianni Headshot2.jpgFrancesca R. Mastrianni is currently a Film and Media major at Colorado College. She is also a quadruple United States Figure Skating Association Gold Medalist and enjoys playing the piano and cello. For this documentary, she chased several pregnant pigs back into their enclosure.
RobertMahaffieHeadshot2.jpgRobert Mahaffie is a Film and Media graduate from Colorado College, originally from the Washington, D.C. area. He is a theater fanatic, specializing in all things tech-related, especially lighting and set design. His passion for trolleys is second to no other twenty-two-year-old’s.
Theobald Headshot2.jpgCharlie Theobald is from Fort Collins, CO. He is a junior Film and Media Studies major at Colorado College. His 2015 short documentary, “Turning Point,” details the efforts of a syringe exchange program in Pueblo, CO to advocate for the health of drug users while dealing with the stigma surrounding addiction. It won the Social Impact Award at the first annual Associated Colleges of the Midwest Student Film Festival.
Tom Headshot2.jpgTom Crandall, originally from Somers, CT, has always admired dancers, especially after taking his first modern dance class. He is a Film and Media Studies graduate from Colorado College and plans to pursue his film career in Denver. His true love is skiing, and he hopes to make a ski film one day.
Partridge Headshot.JPGPaul Partridge is a French-American 20-year old Film student at Wesleyan University. Telling stories is his passion and shaping the stories of Leadville into a documentary has been an honor and a fantastic experience for him. 
Eliza densmore.jpgEliza Densmore is currently pursuing original music projects while working in communications at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) and serving as a docent. She enjoys hiking in the woods and discovering new ways to sculpt sound. For her documentary, as part of her senior thesis in Film & New Media Studies at Colorado College, she shot all the footage in various locations around Colorado and wrote original music for the film.
Nick Tucker.jpg

Nick Tucker is a student of Environmental sciences at the University of Vermont, who made his In Short film, “Thrown to the Wolves,” at Colorado College. He is a photographer and an experimental and documentary filmmaker.


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