Colorado Elections Coverage 2018

Broadcast Schedule:
October 4 at 8pm: "The Choices"

Before you vote, meet the statewide candidates and learn about some of the top ballot measures beyond the governor's race. Read the blog posts below to explore the ballot:

October 6 LIVE at 7pm: "The Rural Colorado Debate"
Join RMPBS for this special debate live from Grand Junction as the leading candidates for governor delve into the top issues facing rural Colorado. This debate is co-hosted by Rocky Mountain PBS, Colorado Mesa University, and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. 

October 11 at 8:30pm: "The Voters"
Did rural Colorado voters get what they wanted in the last election? We return to Las Animas County to follow up on our "Trumped: Rural Rebellion" investigation from 2016 and take the pulse of voters before the upcoming mid-term elections. "Trumped: Rural Rebellion" airs October 11 at 8pm, before "The Voters."

Online: "Civil Discourse in an Uncivil Age: The Quest for a Post-Partisan Citizenship."
Partner Event: University of Denver Lecture Livestream: Monday, October 1 at 2pm.
PBS journalist and host Alexander Heffner gives the Estlow Center Anvil of Freedom Lecture at the University of Denver.
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2018 Elections Articles

Results of the 2018 Midterm Election

Last Updated by Laura Frank on

Here are the winners and losers in Colorado’s statewide races for the midterm election 2018:

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In Colorado's Largest County, Voters Look Back as They Prepare to Vote

Last Updated by Lori Jane Gliha on

Republicans and Democrats often don’t agree on much when it comes to politics, but in Las Animas County, a group of eight men and women came together for an "Insight" political round table. "Insight: The Voters" airs October 11 at 8:30pm on Rocky Mountain PBS.

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Two Ballot Propositions Take Different Paths to Fix Roads

Last Updated by Brittany Freeman on

In November, Colorado voters will consider two very different ballot propositions with the same goal in mind: fixing the state’s broken-down and congested roads.

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Meet the Candidates for Attorney General

Last Updated by Insight on

Colorado’s Attorney General is the chief lawyer in the state, offering the government and its officers legal advice, defending the state and its departments against legal challenges and providing consumer protection.

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Voters Will Decide On Strict New Oil and Gas Setbacks

Last Updated by Brittany Freeman on

Colorado voters are being asked to decide whether new oil and gas development should be pushed 2,500 feet away from homes, schools, parks, playgrounds, and bodies of water.

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Meet the Candidates for Secretary of State

Last Updated by Insight on

Colorado’s Secretary of State handles voter registration and election administration, as well as business licensing in the state.

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Meet the Candidates for Treasurer

Last Updated by Staff on

Colorado’s treasurer invests and manages more than $6 billion in tax dollars, oversees the public’s unclaimed assets, and sits on the board of the Public Employee Retirement Association, which manages pensions for more than a half million Colorado public employees, like teachers and police.

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