The Cost of Homelessness

Colorado has been dealing with homelessness for years. The costs are huge. The results so far are minimal. A RMPBS investigation found that the ten most arrested people in Denver are homeless. Their jail and medical costs are steep. Can ambitious new programs that prioritize housing the homeless work? And will they save taxpayer money in the process?

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Cost of Homelessness Update

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Homelessness in metro Denver grew 52 percent from 2015 to 2018, and Colorado communities are trying to find a solution to the high numbers of people living on the street.

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Colorado Homeless Female Veterans Undercounted, Underserved ​

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The VA has succeeded in dramatically reducing the number of homeless veterans nationwide. But the number of homeless female veterans is increasing in Colorado and across the country. Could a lack of gender-specific treatments be to blame?

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Taxpayers spending millions on homeless arrests

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During a recent span of five years, taxpayers spent nearly half a million dollars on jail and court costs on Denver’s ten most arrested people, all of whom were homeless or transient.

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