Imminent Danger

Premiered 4/26/18

Rocky Mountain PBS dives deep into the issue of mental health and guns in "Insight with John Ferrugia: Imminent Danger."

Watch exclusive interviews with the parents of James Holmes, who killed 12 people and maimed dozens more in the Aurora theater shootings, and the mother of Matthew Riehl, the mentally ill gunman who killed a Douglas County sheriff deputy and wounded four law enforcement officers and two civilians in a shootout on New Year’s Eve 2017.

The gunman's mother and the Douglas County sheriff say both Matthew Riehl and Deputy Zack Parrish would be alive today if Colorado had a red flag law.



EXCLUSIVE: John Ferrugia speaks with the mother of Matthew Riehl, the mentally ill man who killed a Douglas County sheriff's deputy on New Year's Eve.

John Ferrugia speaks with the parents of James Holmes, the Aurora theater shooter. 

Insight Reports

Red Flag Bill Introduced in Colorado State House

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A bill aimed at the safety of law enforcement and that of mentally ill persons with firearms was introduced in the Colorado legislature with both a House Democrat and Republican sponsor.

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Imminent Danger: An Insight Podcast Special

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The deaths of Matthew Riehl and Deputy Zackari Parrish last New Year’s Eve are spurring a push for a so-called “red flag law” in Colorado, legislation that would allow family and friends to temporarily take guns away from loved ones during a mental health crisis.

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Parents of James Holmes Search for Answers, Work for Awareness about Mental Illness

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For six years, Bob and Arlene Holmes have been searching for answers. Why had their son, James Holmes, murdered and maimed so many people at an Aurora theater in 2012? And why had they not recognized his descent into mental illness?

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Does Colorado Need a Red Flag Law?

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Both the sheriff who lost his deputy and the mother who lost her son in a New Year’s Eve shooting in Douglas County agree on one thing: Current Colorado law made it more difficult to avoid the tragedy.

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