MATCHWITS Qualification Tournament (QT) FAQ

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  • How long does the Qualification Tournament test last?
    45 minutes
  • What is ProctorU?
    ProctorU is the proctoring service we use to make sure teams follow the rules during the Qualification Tournament test. 
  • What is Socrative?  
    Socrative is the host site for the actual Qualification Tournament test.
  • What happens if our school loses power during the QT test?  
    Your test will automatically be saved with Socrative. Once power is re-established and you’ve logged back into your computer, contact ProctorU as soon as possible. Once your re-established contact with ProctorU, sign into your Socrative account and pick up the test where you left off.
  • What happens if we lose contact with the ProctorU proctor during the test?  
    Continue with the test. The proctor will attempt to re-establish contact with you. Because of this possibility it would be a good idea to have your own timer running, too.
  • What user name should we use when signing up for a ProctorU account?  
    If you’re signing up for the first time, use your school’s name. If you have an account, use your existing account and let the Matchwits team know your user name.
  • What user name should we use with Socrative, the testing service?  
    Please use your school’s name, not a student’s name, a teacher’s name or Rocky Mountain PBS.
  • What if there is a tie score in the Qualification Tournament?  
    We will use the proper spelling of words as a tie breaker.  If an answer is essentially correct, but misspelled, we will subtract ½ a point from the overall score.
  • Who must be in the room during the Qualification Tournament test?  
    Only the school’s Matchwits team members (no less than 3 and no more than 5).  A coach may be in the room if required by the school.  
  • What if a student needs to leave during the QT test?  
    We encourage you to make sure all your team members can be present for the entire test. If a student leaves for a class or other school related commitment it can be a detriment to your team doing their best. If there is a medical emergency or the like, then the student may leave. In any case, if a student leaves during the test, the student may not return, no exceptions.
  • What if my IT team is unable to make the ProctorU application work?  
    Do not give up. There are many options that will allow you to take the test. Contact the Matchwits team as soon as possible to make other arrangements.
  • How many students are allowed on a team?  
    A Matchwits team must consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 students. The students that participate in the Qualification Tournament must be the same students that participate in the On Air tournament should your team qualify. Only one team per school may sign up for the Matchwits tournament.
  • Is the Qualification Tournament a team event or individual event?  
    The entire Matchwits tournament, whether Qualification Tournament or On Air Tournament, is a team event. In order to participate in the Qualification Tournament, you must sign up as a team and compete as a team. Only one team per school may sign up for the Matchwits tournament. If you or any team member takes the QT test as an individual, the entire team will be disqualified.
  • Can the coach be in the room during the Qualification Tournament if our school requires a staff member to be present with students?  
  • What if a student doesn’t have a driver’s license to present to the ProctorU proctor?  
    A student ID issued by the school will work. If the student doesn’t have any form of ID, then the coach will be asked to confirm that the student attends the school competing.  
  • What if a student that has been declared a team member can’t participate in the Qualification Tournament or On Air Tournament?  
    Although it is hoped that the students that have been declared as team members participate for as long as your school participates, things happen. Once it is known that a student can no longer participate coaches must notify the Matchwits team as soon as possible. The coach will declare a replacement and the team will be allowed to continue.
  • We signed up our team on the Socrative site with an individual’s name rather than our school’s name. What should we do?  
    Notify the Matchwits team right away and tell us what school you are and what name you used. If we don’t know who you are, we cannot score your test.
MATCHWITS On-Air Tournament Questions
  • Is there a rule book for the On-Air Tournament?
    Yes. Go to Scroll down and click on “Matchwits Rules.”
  • Is there a place to view previous Matchwits games?
  • Is there a studio audience for the filming of Matchwits?
    Yes. We encourage each school to invite people to cheer on their team. There is limited space in the studio. We must reserve seats for participating team coaches and alternates. If we have more people than seats there will be an area within the building for overflow viewers to watch via video monitor.
  • May our team sit in the studio audience to watch a game?
    Yes, provided there are empty seats after current team and audience members supporting the school have been seated.
  • What is the best way to prepare for the On-Air Tournament?
    First, watch one or two previous games - The questions we use are fairly similar to those used in most Knowledge Bowl tournaments. Practice answering questions with your buzzer system set to buzz at three seconds. 
  • Is there a cost to participating in the On-Air Tournament?
    There is no entry fee. The costs that your team will be responsible for will be travel to and from Pueblo and the Rocky Mountain PBS studio located on the CSU-Pueblo campus, meals and entertainment beyond what is covered by RMPBS (accommodations for team members and coaches, lunches and breakfasts while participating in the tournament). 
Accommodation Questions
  • Can we arrive the night before our scheduled game time if our school is farther away?
    Special arrangements can be made based on individual situations if the schedule game is next the morning and the school is located three or more hours away.
  • I’m bringing extra students to the Matchwits tournament, will their housing accommodations be included?
    Housing accommodations will only be provided for the five designated students listed on the sign up form. Additional students will be responsible for their own accommodations. Discounted hotel rooms will be available for those attending the weekend to cheer on their friends and family.
  • We have two team coaches. Should I list them both on the signup sheet?
    Yes. This also includes if the school requires both a male and female chaperons for overnight arrangements. Please note on the signup sheet if the second coach is spouse/partner for housing accommodations.
  • Our team lost their game, but want to stay the rest of the weekend to watch the tournament. Will Rocky Mountain PBS cover our housing accommodations?
    Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to cover overnight housing accommodations for schools still participating in the tournament. However, we encourage schools to make arrangements to stay and engage in the weekend activities and cheer on remaining schools if their school districts allow.
  • Is food included?  
    We offer lunch to students and coaches on Friday and Sunday, with a Matchwits banquet on Saturday also open to friends and family of the players. Breakfast will be included with hotel stays. Dinner will be on your own.

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