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The 6th and current President & CEO of PBS, PAULA KERGER, visited Rocky Mountain PBS in July of 2007.  At that time, Ms. Kerger had held the esteemed PBS position for only one year.    


When appearing at Rocky Mountain PBS, Ms. Kerger was the guest speaker at a special reception (July 12) and an intimate Legacy Tea (July 13) with Rocky Mountain PBS Governing Board members, Volunteer Board members, longtime financial supporters and others.


Thanks to the volunteers of Station’s Archived Memories and the online archives of Rocky Mountain PBS, various photo and video memories of Ms. Kerger’s 2007 appearance have been preserved. 


What were the hot topics in public media in 2007?  

Find out!  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy viewing Paula Kerger’s videotaped presentation while also browsing some of the archived photos of her visit and reading the 2007 Rocky Mountain News article in which she described her PBS job as a “cat herder.”

12 Archived Photographs and Memorabilia items courtesy of Station's Archived Memories

From Ms. Kerger's 2007 visit at Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver


  1. Cynthia Hessin (staff) with Paula Kerger
  2. James Morgese, former RMPBS General Manager, with Kerger
  3. Rocky Mountain News Article: an interview with Paula Kerger July 17, 2007
  4. Guests (William and Kathryn Price, unknown male, Paula Kerger, Sheila Kowal, Belle Chazen, Francine Haber, James Morgese, Patricia Laverty, Dona Dodson, Gayle Barrett and Sandra Hitchcock)
    enjoying a Legacy Appreciation Tea with Paula Kerger at RMPBS
  5. Wynona Sullivan (former KTSC General Manager) and Cornerstone members, Wallace Sullivan, with Paula Kerger.
  6. RMPBS Governing Board members, Sheila Kowal and Marilyn Taylor with James Morgese and Paula Kerger
  7. Volunteer Board members:  Barb Drake, Judi Martine, and Marge Romberger with Paula Kerger
  8. Former KRMA/RMPBS General Managers, James Morgese and Don Johnson with Paula Kerger
  9. Invitation to the reception (July 12, 2007) with Paula Kerger
  10. Invitation to the Legacy Recognition Tea (July 13, 2007) with Paula Kerger
  11. Volunteer Hostess for Paula Kerger, Amy Carder with Ms. Kerger
  12. Paula Kerger, Belle Chazen, Francine Haber and James Morgese, former RMPBS General Manager.

12 Archived Photographs From Ms. Kerger's 2007 visit at Rocky Mountain PBS

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This Month in the History of Rocky Mountain PBS

Brought to you by Station's Archived Memories (SAM)