This Month in the History of Rocky Mountain PBS: November

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 Did you know that KRMJ-TV, Channel 18, has been a part of the Rocky Mountain PBS family since 1996?  Expanding the reach of Rocky Mountain PBS by creating a full-power public television station on the Western Slope was recognized as a vital investment in the economic and educational future of the region.


Thanks to strong community support on the Western Slope, KRMJ was built from the ground up under the leadership of former Rocky Mountain PBS General Manager, James Morgese.  


On November 18, 1997, the Grand Junction community received its first official look at the new Channel 18 studio located in the Tilman Bishop Campus of Western Colorado Community College.  The Open House activities included a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce followed by a media luncheon.  A reception was held later that evening for friends and supporters. 


Events also included a live demonstration of the full motion video conferencing capabilities between KRMA (Denver) and KRMJ (Grand Junction) utilizing the microwave system across the Rockies.  At KRMJ, James Morgese and Cynthia Hessin presented a conferencing demo partnering with Audrey Elling in the KRMA studios in Denver.  The video link capability at KRMJ was innovative and made live teleconferencing available for education, business and the statewide community.


Enjoy the bonus photo collage and the edited video related to the opening of KRMJ. The 90-second video includes on-air clips from 1996 featuring enthusiastic Western Colorado residents welcoming KRMJ, Channel 18, to their area.  All photographs and video were provided by Station’s Archived Memories* (SAM) of Rocky Mountain PBS.


* Since 2000, Station’s Archived Memories (SAM) is a volunteer-driven project preserving the unique history of Rocky Mountain PBS.  If you would like to know more about the archives, please contact the SAM office at 303-620-5734 or email

Enjoy Bonus Archived Materials from 1996-1997


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This Month in the History of Rocky Mountain PBS

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