Our Food Processed Future: The Rising Energy Costs Of Convenience

Last Updated by Leigh Paterson on

To learn how energy inputs into homemade and processed foods stack up, I baked a Mile High Apple pie with Chef Kathy Guler.

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Feasting On Fuel: Renewables On America’s Farms

Last Updated by Grant Gerlock on

As part of our series Feasting On Fuel, Grant Gerlock of Harvest Public Media looks at farmers who are turning to renewables to lessen their reliance on fossil fuels.

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In A Race To Represent Coal Country, Two Visions For The Future

Last Updated by Leigh Paterson on

What to do about coal jobs has been a major theme this election season, with each side pointing fingers at the other, from the presidential debate stage to local town halls. On Colorado’s western slope, two candidates running for Congress are divided on the issue and are nearly matched in campaign contributions as election day approaches.

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Watch the Documentary ‘Feasting on Fuel’

Last Updated by Rebecca Jacobson on

How much energy did it take to make your dinner? Our food takes a lot of fossil fuel to produce. From the field to grocery stores and your kitchen, our food system demands more electricity each year. Inside Energy and Harvest Public Media teamed up to look at where that energy goes and how some are trying to curb the industry’s appetite for electricity.

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Trump Promised Big On Coal. Can He Deliver?

Last Updated by Stephanie Joyce on

Coal country is celebrating Donald Trump’s election victory. Support for Trump was strong from Appalachia to Wyoming, and people have high hopes he can reverse coal’s recent downturn. But can he?

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Clean Coal: Fact Or Fiction?

Last Updated by Stephanie Joyce on

During the second Presidential debate, Donald Trump responded to a question about energy policy by saying, “There is a thing called clean coal. Coal will last for a thousand years in this country.” An Inside Energy follower named David asked us, “#CleanCoal: True or false prophecy?” We try to answer that question.

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A Watched Pot: What Is The Most Energy Efficient Way To Boil Water?

Last Updated by Rebecca Jacobson, Jordan Wirfs-Brock on

What is the most energy efficient way to boil water? And which method has the smallest carbon footprint? The familiar act of boiling water lets us examine how the choices we make daily roll up to global energy consumption.

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Making Energy From Waste: The Other Natural Gas

Last Updated by Dan Boyce on

It takes a lot of energy to produce the food we eat, but technologies are improving to give some of that energy back to us after we’re finished with it.

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Feasting On Fuel: A Video Explainer

Last Updated by Dan Boyce on

This Thanksgiving our holiday feast will contain 4500 calories. Those calories are just a measure of energy, and that food was produced using fossil fuels. In this video, Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce explains how fossil fuels are, in fact, your food.

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No More Blackouts: How New York Is Protecting The Power Grid

Last Updated by Catherine Roberts on

With power outages on the rise, and more extreme weather events, the U.S. electrical grid is showing its age and vulnerability. New York state is pushing to upgrade its grid and one project is a statewide competition to develop community microgrids.

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