Inside Energy Reads: How ‘Rooftop Solar’ Became ‘Private Solar’

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An Energywire story explains how the electricity industry is changing the way it talks about who they are and what they do.

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Gridlocked: Outside/In Podcast

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What if everything you thought you knew about energy was exactly backwards? What if the way that we currently do electricity is actually the most expensive option, and all of that fancy “clean-tech” and “green-tech” actually the cheapest option? Listen to the Outside/In podcast episode GRIDLOCKED for answers.

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Inside Energy Reads: What Happened To NRG Energy?

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EnergyWire digs into the financial and cultural struggles at green energy pioneer NRG Energy in the wake of their pullback from renewables.

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With protest suspended, what happens next with the Dakota Access pipeline?

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The decision from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to re-evaluate the route of the pipeline puts completion on hold. Pipeline proponents are hopeful Donald Trump will reverse the Corps’ decision.

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Background: Denver attorney who works on tribal issues talks about treaties and sacred sites

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“It would be akin to the Sistine Chapel, running some kind of infrastructure through it, a pipeline, or a road. That’s what we’re talking about in terms of the emotions involved.”

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Protesters celebrate Dakota Pipeline decision from Army Corps of Engineers

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The Corps of Engineers says the route of the pipeline must be re-examined. But supporters of the pipeline suggested the fight for continued construction may not be over.

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Coal interests, miners banking on Trump to emphasize fossil fuels

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The oil and gas industries come out clear winners with the Trump victory. He has vowed to lift regulations and has spoken clearly in favor of more exploration and production, both onshore and offshore.

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Abandoned well leads to mysterious gas leak that closed a school

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Carbon dioxide levels inside the school were 26 times the recommended limit, which made some areas of the school oxygen-deficient.

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Government subsidies for oil and gas detailed by Inside Energy

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This question was submitted by a follower of Inside Energy, one the team has wanted to tackle since our first day on the job. So we were thrilled when you, our audience, chose it in our latest voting round.

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Lake Mead Drops 12 Feet per Year as ‘Structural Deficit’ Strengthens Grip

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As drought continues in the Colorado River basin, the math is simple, according to a new report from the Colorado River Research Group. Lake Mead receives 9-million acre feet of water annually, but it loses 10.2 million. Something has to give.

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