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Get a sneak peek of "Hamilton" from Denver's East High School just as the Broadway production arrives in Colorado. 
"Arts District: Hamilton!" premieres Friday, March 2 at 9pm.
This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

We'll Meet Again: Coming Out
Tuesday, February 27 at 7pm
Join Ann Curry as those who met during the early days of the gay rights movement reunite.

American Creed
Tuesday, February 27 at 8pm
Condoleezza Rice and David Kennedy cross party lines to ask what it means to be American.

Frontline: Bitter Rivals - Iran and Saudi Arabia
Tuesday, February 27 at 9pm
Learn how Iran and Saudi Arabia's rivalry has plunged the Middle East into sectarian war.

Nature: Snowbound - Animals of Winter
Wednesday, February 28 at 7pm
Learn the survival strategies of animals that live in the coldest places on Earth.

NOVA: Prediction by the Numbers
Wednesday, February 28 at 8pm
Discover why some predictions succeed and others fail as experts forecast the future.

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
Wednesday, February 28 at 9pm
The little-known story of the only US bank prosecuted in relation to the financial crisis.

Colorado Experience: Western American Art
Thursday, March 1 at 7pm
Discover the stories behind 250 years of cowboys, bronco busting and stunning landscapes.

Marilyn Van Derbur Atler: An Incest Survivor's Odyssey
Thursday, March 1 at 8pm
Crowned Miss America while attending the University of Colorado, her story and work has opened the door for tens of thousands of sexual abuse survivors.

Funeral Homes Need Greater Scrutiny
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Unlike most states, Colorado does not license funeral directors, cremationists, or embalmers.

#MeToo, Now What?
Thursday, March 1 at 9pm
Join executive producer/host Zainab Salbi and a range of guests for open, authentic conversations about sexual harassment.

Women Outward Bound
Friday, March 2 at 7:30pm
Meet the first group of young women to participate in an Outward Bound survival school course in 1965, and learn about their experiences in the wild.

Frontline: Weinstein
Friday, March 2 at 9:30pm
"Frontline" investigates Harvey Weinstein's efforts to silence allegations of sexual harassment and abuse.
Rocky Mountain PBS News Articles

Traded & Trafficked: An Insight Podcast Special

This podcast follows Insight's recent report on child sex trafficking across Colorado. Listen as investigative reporters Leigh Paterson and Lori Jane Gliha provide a behind-the-scenes view of the investigation.


Kids Unwittingly Trapped in Exploding Child Porn Epidemic

There’s an exploding epidemic of child pornography in Colorado and across the nation. And parents can be completely unaware their children are at risk, a Rocky Mountain PBS investigation finds.


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