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After discovering sugar beets on a trip to Europe, Charles Boettcher filled a suitcase with seeds. When he returned to Colorado, he found that the plains were the perfect environment for sugar beets. This new crop would prove to be one of the most important in Colorado’s agricultural history.

"Colorado Experience: White Gold" premieres Thursday, February 8 at 7:30pm.

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

We'll Meet Again: Lost Children of Vietnam
Tuesday, February 6 at 7pm
Join Ann Curry for the dramatic reunions of people separated after the Vietnam War.

American Experience: The Gilded Age
Tuesday, February 6 at 8pm
The vast economic disparities of the Gilded Age sparked a debate that still rages today.

Animals with Cameras: Part 2
Wednesday, February 7 at 7pm
Young cheetahs learn to hunt, fur seals evade great white sharks, and African farmers square off with baboons.

Experience the Fusion of Arts and Technology
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The University of Denver presents a multicultural event of world-class talents, music technology, and artistic skill.

NOVA: First Face of America
Wednesday, February 7 at 8pm
Discover the remains of a 13,000-year-old teenager in an underwater cave in Mexico.

Impossible Builds: The Scorpion Tower
Wednesday, February 7 at 9pm
Follow the complex construction of a unique skyscraper with its skeleton on the outside.

Dana Crawford: Saving The Soul of Denver
Thursday, February 8 at 8pm
Denver developer Dana Crawford is renowned for Larimer Square, Union Station, the Oxford Hotel, and more!

Arts District: Western Artists
Friday, February 9 at 8:30pm
Featuring two contemporary western painters, Don Coen and Paul Milosevich.

Dogs Are Welcome Just About Everywhere
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Denver seems to be going to the dogs… but there is one place still closed to our furry friends.

2018 Citizen of the West
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National Western Stock Show named CSU President Tony Frank the Citizen of the West.

Victoria: S2 E5 - The King Over the Sea
Sunday, February 11 at 8pm
Feeling suffocated by the weight of the crown, Victoria escapes with her court to the Scottish highlands.

Matchwits: Boulder High School vs. STEM High School NEW!
Monday, February 12 at 4:30pm
The competition is heating up on Colorado’s statewide high school quiz show.
Rocky Mountain PBS News Articles

Death and Mistreatment of Disabled Adults Prompts Action

Tanya Bell, 39, died in a 2016 Arvada fire when she couldn’t escape by herself in her wheelchair. Julie Hogfeldt, 37, who cannot speak, was left home alone in a Longmont “storage” room, blocked by a large chair. Bill Pringle, 62, was told to stay in the basement and eat his meals there.


Colorado Experience Roadshow in Grand Junction and Breckenridge

Come meet the "Colorado Experience" team at a free screening of "White Gold" February 6 in Grand Junction and "Paleo Indians" February 28 in Breckenridge.


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