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"The Great American Read" premieres Tuesday, May 22 at 7pm on RMPBS, launching a summer of reading and voting. Then in the fall, seven new episodes of the series will air as the quest to find America’s most beloved book moves into high gear.

Take the official quiz to find out how many of the 100 books you have read. Share your thoughts on the list or your quiz results with us in the comments of this Facebook post. (We have two RMPBS staff readers tied with 62 books each!)

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

Civilizations - Episode 3: God and Art
Tuesday, May 1 at 7pm
Trace the relationship between religion and art, which has inspired some of the most majestic works of art ever made, yet is often wrought with conflict.

First Civilizations - Episode 2: Religion
Tuesday, May 1 at 8pm
Discover the secret to the stability and cohesion of Ancient Egypt: religion.

Frontline: Blackout in Puerto Rico
Tuesday, May 1 at 9pm
"Frontline" investigates the crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, examining how the federal response, Wall Street, and years of neglect have left the island struggling to survive.

Nature - Natural Born Rebels: Survivial
Wednesday, May 2 at 7pm
Some animals will do whatever it takes to survive. Cockatoos turn to vandalism, boxer crabs hold anemones hostage, and chimps use violence to stay in power.

NOVA: What's Living in You?
Wednesday, May 2 at 8pm
Microbes play a central role in your life. Trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are so abundant in your body, they outnumber your human cells.

Ecosystem for Learning
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One in four CSU students is a first-generation student.

Colorado Experience: Justicia Y Libertad
Thursday, May 3 at 7:30pm
1968 marked the birth of the Chicano Movement in Colorado.

Arts District: Spectrum Dance Rap on Race NEW!
Friday, May 4 at 8:30pm
A historical conversation about race is the centerpiece of a rousing dance performance at DU's Newman Center.

Denver Public Library Resources
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Check out eBooks, audio eBooks, video storybooks and talking picture books for kids at Denver Public Library.

Grill the Hot Dogs, Not the Home
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Each year, almost 9,000 home grill fires require a response from the local fire department.

Live From Lincoln Center: Stephanie J. Block in Concert
Friday, May 4 at 9pm
From "Wicked" to "The Pirate Queen," this unique performer locates both the humor and wisdom in her rocky road to Broadway.

Call the Midwide: Season 7, Episode 8
Sunday, May 6 at 7pm
The team prepares for a birthday, and a change brings a large influx of patients to Nonnatus.
Rocky Mountain PBS News Articles

Does Colorado Need a Red Flag Law?

Both the sheriff who lost his deputy and the mother who lost her son in a New Year’s Eve shooting in Douglas County agree on one thing: current Colorado law made it more difficult to avoid the tragedy.


Parents of James Holmes Search for Answers, Work for Awareness about Mental Illness

For six years, Bob and Arlene Holmes have been searching for answers. Why had their son, James Holmes, murdered and maimed so many people at an Aurora theater in 2012? And why had they not recognized his descent into mental illness?


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