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This week on "Arts District," pioneer of the abstract expressionist movement, Clyfford Still.

Since 2012, Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum has worked to bring more of his work to light. When his widow chose Denver for a museum containing all of Still's work, it was the beginning of a massive and ongoing effort to unveil hundreds of pieces never before seen in public.

Tune in to "Arts District" Friday, October 27 at 8:30pm

This story about The Clyford Still Museum is part of an ongoing collaboration between Rocky Mountain PBS, Colorado Public Radio (CPR), and Colorado Public Television (CPT 12) to explore the impact of artistic expression in the community.

Learn More about Clyfford Still and the museum:

From CPR: Listen to the latest episode of the CPR Classical podcast Centennial Sounds to hear how composer Nathan Hall took Clyfford Still's journals and letters and turned them into music.

From CPT 12: See how Denver's Clyfford Still Museum is opening its doors to the public with community activities including concerts, guided meditation, poetry slams and more. View a "Street Level" video about these events here

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

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A Bank as Unique as You Are
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CEO Amanda Mountain spoke with the Denver Business Journal about the current state of media in our country and how she wants Rocky Mountain PBS to stay relevant.


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