Roots to Ranches

Roots to Ranches Poster Chef Elise Wiggins takes viewers on a culinary journey of different and somewhat exotic foods that also interlaces history of our food, where it is found and how it’s procured in four different themes throughout the year. Hunting, Foraging, Farming and Ranching. Each episode will start on location of the ingredient. We will be showing viewers how to cook things in rustic ways as well as refined.

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Roots to Ranches airs Thursdays at 8pm on Rocky Mountain PBS.
Watch online at and on the PBS Video App starting January 30.


Getting Squirrely In West Monroe, LA - Jan 30
Chef Elise Wiggins takes viewers on an epic trek across the south in the first season of Roots to Ranches, starting in her hometown of West Monroe, LA. Her culinary roots began at the age of 6 when her father taught her how to hunt, butcher and cook wild game. On the trip, she is joined by her Sous Chef Zuri Resendiaz to rekindle these childhood lessons, as well as pass them on to him.

Foraging for Reindeer Lichen and more in Birmingham, Alabama - Feb 6
Chef Wiggins’ teams up with a local forager, who takes her on a foray to learn about edible seasonal springtime plants deep in the backwoods of Birmingham and surrounding urban areas. Their walk through the woods ends with Chef Wiggins showing viewers the various ways lichen can be applied to simple and sophisticated dishes, while also pairing well with the other plants they forged.

Froggin In New Iberia, LA - Feb 13
The Southern adventures continue in New Iberia, Louisiana where Chef Wiggins’ and her cousin Jason Legnon take an airboat deep into the bayou for Cajun Style froggin, another way of saying hunting frogs by hand. This exciting episode is highlighted by the creative dish Elise prepares for the Legnon family. Frog Gyoza.

Foraging for Polk and ToothAche Tree berries the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, TX - Feb 20
The Lone Star State, Chef Wiggins’ learns from Bob Richie, a local master naturalist, forager and historian, about Great Trinity Forest plants historically used by area Native American tribes for medicine and to eat. Chef Wiggins learns about the power of medicine in plants, the endless grocery store in the wild and how to properly harvest and cook from it.


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