"Eve Angel" by Grace Patrick

“Dear God, please let tomorrow be a successful day” prayed Sarah before she tucked herself into the warmth of her bed.

Sarah, 11 years old with soft, chocolate eyes and long silky brown hair was nervous. Tomorrow was “the Big Day!” Her first day of 6th grade – Middle School! She was nervous because she was shy and lacked confidence. Making friends had never been her strong suit.

The next morning, Sarah woke up early, took a hot shower, and put on her new outfit – a purple and blue striped shirt embraced by a soft navy blue blazer. She thought it was stylish; however, she was concerned if others would agree. Sarah inched out the front door and starting walking to school with butterflies dancing in her stomach.

A few minutes later, a girl jogged up next to Sarah.

“Hi, my name is Eve. What’s your name?” said the strange girl breathlessly with her hand sticking out waiting to be shaken. Sarah hesitated.

“Come on,” said Eve “my arm is getting tired!” Cautiously, Sarah shook Eve’s hand.

Eve was a unique looking girl. She had snow white hair and blue eyes that shimmered like the Mediterranean Sea. Freckles were lightly sprinkled across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her voice wasn’t quiet but it stunned you when she spoke.

“What is YOUR name?” Eve said loud enough for the world to hear.

“Sarah. Sarah is my name” she replied in a quiet but friendly voice.

By this time, they had arrived at Annabeth Middle School. Sarah pulled out her class schedule and studied it as Eve looked over her shoulder.

“Hey! You have the same first period as I do – BAND!” Eve shouted in excitement.

“What instrument do you play?” Sarah asked curiously. “I play the flute.”

“I play the oboe” said Eve. Sarah looked at Eve confused. She had never heard of the oboe. What did it look like? Was it big or little?

Sarah’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the school bell. Eve broke out in a run; it didn’t seem real – so swift, so graceful, and perfect. Sarah followed Eve into the band room and sat next to her on a large orange carpet. The band teacher, Mr. Carmen, greeted her but not Eve; he acted as if Eve didn’t even exist. Sarah found that rude but she dared not say anything, she was too shy.

Mr. Carmen introduced himself to the class and explained the rules for the band room. Then he went around the room asking what instrument each student played and then wrote it down in his shiny black notebook. In total, the band was made up of 10 flutes, 10 saxophones, 6 percussionists, and 10 clarinets.

“Did I miss anyone?” Mr. Carmen asked the class. Eve raised her hand anxiously but Mr. Carmen didn’t seem to notice her. Sarah was agitated. Nobody was paying any attention to Eve! Why were they being so rude?

Over the next two weeks, the girls’ friendship blossomed like a budding flower. Sarah and Eve became almost inseparable. Every night, Sarah lay in her bed and thanked God for her new friend. Her life seemed to be going great; however, she couldn’t help wondering why everyone at school was giving Eve the cold shoulder. Their rudeness really, really troubled her.

The next day in band, Mr. Carmen asked all the students to pick a partner for duets.

“Sarah, who is your partner?” asked Mr. Carmen.

“Eve of course!” replied Sarah.

“Who is Eve?”

Sarah had enough! She had to stick up for her friend! Sarah stood up straight and tall.

“Hey you guys, why do you keep ignoring Eve?” Sarah shouted to the whole class.

“You know Eve, she’s sitting right there!” shouted Sarah while pointing to the spot next to herself on the floor.

“Sarah, do you need to go see the nurse?” Mr. Carmen asked.

“There’s nobody there!” a boy snickered. Giggling erupted around her and Sarah slumped down to the floor, her face burning like red hot lava.

“Leave your imaginary friend at home!” shouted another boy.

“Eve gave Sarah a sympathetic look. Not real? What did the boy mean? Eve was clearly there. Sarah touched Eve’s gentle hand. It was smooth and very pale compared to her own – but it WAS there.

Sarah’s thoughts were shattered by the screeching of the school’s bell. She bolted out the door, escaping into a river of middle schoolers. For the next few periods, Sarah endured taunts and jeering because of her outburst that morning.

Finally, recess arrived and Sarah could not wait to meet up with Eve. Sarah spotted her across the playground sitting alone on a bench. Suddenly, there was brilliant flash of light and Eve was gone! A wisp of shimmering white mist hung in the air above the bench. Sarah rushed to the bench, but all she found was a sheet of sparkling gold paper in the very spot her friend had been sitting. Sarah gently picked it up and read:

Dear Sarah,
I was sent from God to help with your confidence. In other words, I’m an angel. My work on Earth is done. You were the best friend anybody could ever have. I will miss you dearly. <3

© Grace Patrick, Chappelow K-8 Arts Literacy Magnet School, Greeley, Colorado


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