Congratulations to the 2016 StoryMakers’
Winners and Finalists!

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6th Grade
1st Place: Sive Kelliher - "The Desert" (Denver School of the Arts)
2nd Place: Lillian Sturhahn - "The Chocolate Shake" (Denver School of the Arts)
3rd Place: Lauren Brown - "Daughter of the Moon" (Coal Ridge Middle School)

Aditi Jegannath - "Be YoursELF" (Rocky Heights Middle School)
Kate Bestall - "The Jealous Goldfish" (Evergreen Middle School)
Stephanie O’Flaherty - "Lab Rats" (East Grand Middle School)
Rowan Hillhouse - "A Cinderella Story" (Denver School of the Arts)
Elizabeth Cronk - "Ayomide the Spotted Zebra" (Overland Trail Middle School)

7th Grade
1st Place: Sophia Feghali - "Stinky Bleu and the Death Cheese" (Holy Family Catholic School)
2nd Place: Julia Thomas - "The Sound of Red" (Denver School of the Arts)
3rd Place: Gabriel Jani - "As the Fog Lifted" (Logan School for Creative Learning)

Olivia Sherwood - "Growing Up to Be a Child" (Lesher Middle School)
Jonathan Paul - "Rebecca" (Trailridge Middle School)
Molly Brunswick - "The Scarlet Dragon" (Homeschool)
Ellen Rogers - "Paper Airplanes" (Denver School of the Arts)
Lekha Masoudi - "When the Bombs Stop" (Logan School for Creative Learning)

8th Grade
1st Place: Francee Schloesser - "The Mechanics of Forever" (Denver School of the Arts)
2nd Place: Aadi Nashikkar - "A Single Minute" (The Colorado Springs School)
3rd Place: William Bernstein - "The Traitor and the Virus" (Logan School for Creative Learning)

Layne Thompson - "The Space in Between" (Holy Family Catholic Church)
Ethan Moore - "Thomas Was Alone" (North Arvada Middle School)
Gina Carlo - "Mistakes" (Prospect Ridge Academy)
Natalie Wadhwa - "Necessities of Gnomes" (Denver School of the Arts)
Destiny Wrich - "Her Darkest Hour" (Holy Family Catholic School)

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Parent Testimonial

"I wanted to thank you for the Rocky Mountain PBS StoryMakers program. My daughter took part in the competition and was a runner up for the 8th grade group. The whole process was so thrilling for her to be part of. When we were at the studio for the celebration in January, she told us she felt like a movie star. She loved learning to record her story and download illustrations, but most of all I think she loved the fact that so many people were involved in the whole process, and that most were involved through volunteering. 

She was so inspired... Our children need to feel important in order to succeed, and every small step counts. This support needs to be more than just parents and teachers. When our children see other adults and important people involved in their futures, it paints a bigger picture for them. Thank you for painting part of this bigger picture." 

-The Bretts, Eaton, Co.

Rocky Mountain PBS and Douglas County Libraries encourage teenagers to keep reading and writing.  

Thanks to everyone submitting a story and special thanks to our major sponsor, Douglas County Libraries