This Month in the History of Rocky Mountain PBS: April

Brought to you by Station’s Archived Memories (SAM)

by SAM Founder, Laura Sampson



Published monthly since the 1950s, the Rocky Mountain PBS PROMO continues to be a mainstay of interesting material for our community of viewers.  Historically, members have enjoyed receiving their monthly Program Schedule (known also as Program Hilites and renamed PROMO in 1964) not only for the schedule of upcoming programs but also for the highly appealing articles related to KRMA-TV, National Educational Television (NET), Rocky Mountain PBS and PBS.


Station’s Archived Memories (SAM) has collected and meticulously preserved hundreds of original Program Schedules, Program Hilites and PROMOs dating back to the 1950s.  The individually preserved publications have been carefully scanned and digitized.  These informational journals have provided an incredible amount of valuable and fascinating history related to Rocky Mountain PBS.  


YOU CAN HELP!  The RMPBS archives are missing several years of PROMOs that contain significant information about the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  The archives are in dire need of additional program schedules from 1955-1959, 1960-1963 and 1970-1978.  If you -- or someone you know -- has a collection of old KRMA-TV program guides, please donate them to SAM by calling or emailing Station’s Archived Memories: or 303-620-5734.  


This month, you are invited to enjoy combing through the attached APRIL 1968 PROMO.  Browse the captivating pages to discover what was broadcast on KRMA in 1968 and why SAM finds each of these publications to be so rich in our station’s history.


Click below to view the APRIL 1968 PROMO


Station’s Archived Memories challenges you to a “PROMO Scavenger Hunt” in the April 1968 issue*:  

  1.        Who was the 1968 KRMA-TV Program Director?
  2.        Who was the 1968 Executive Director of Channel Six?
  3.        What KRMA production starred Gene Dolph?
  4.        Who hosted the nightly 1968 program, INFORM?
  5.        What languages were taught by Denver Public School teachers of Boettcher School of the Air?
  6.        Who taught the weekly children’s program, Primary Storytime, at 1:19 pm on Fridays?
  7.        Who hosted the KRMA production, The Puppet People?
  8.        What was the exciting $2,000 donation given to the 1968 televised Channel Six Auction?
  9.        What was the name of the sidekick character on the program, Physical Activities?  
  10.        Who was the first person to be hired as part of the KRMA-TV staff?




Answer key:  1. Jack Schlaefle, 2. Russell Casement, 3. Gene’s Junction, 4. Gene Aldridge,

5. French & Spanish, 6. Alma Greenwood, 7. Earl Reum, 8. VW, 9. Dandy Lion, 10. Scotty Cullen

Articles Written and Researched by SAM volunteers

This Month in the History of Rocky Mountain PBS

Brought to you by Station's Archived Memories (SAM)