The Voluntary Relocation Program, spanning from 1952-1973, was the greatest voluntary upheaval of Native Americans during the 20th century. Rocky Mountain PBS’ newest documentary, Urban Rez, explores the lasting legacy of the relocation policies that encouraged Native Americans to leave their homelands and relocate to urban areas across the country.


Why is the word “Apple” derogatory to urban-based Indians?

Boarding School

What were some experiences in the Indian boarding schools?

Community vs. Individual

Why do American Indians put their community first but mainstream society stresses individualism?


Why are cultural traditions so vital to Native people?


Why is education the key to everything?

Language Loss

Why do some American Indians speak only English?


What is the connection between spirituality and relationships?

Water Fountains

Which water fountain did Marilyn drink from in 1960s segregated Dallas, TX?

Bureau of Indian Affairs

What did the U.S. Supreme Court decide in the workplace discrimination lawsuit against the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] in Littleton, Colorado?

A film by Lisa D. Olken / Rocky Mountain PBS

Emmy Statue.jpg

2013 Winner

of the Heartland Chapter Emmy Award

for Best Cultural Documentary





Selected for the 2014 American Film Showcase cultural exchange program in Kazakhstan.

Executive producer and director, Lisa Olken embarked on a five city tour to promote the film as well as represent Colorado and America as an ambassador. Explore her tour here! 

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Moses Brings Plenty: Representing for 'Urban Rez'

Brings Plenty took a few moments to speak with ICTMN about his participation in the film and the effects it had on him as an artist and a Native person. Click here for the full story.