Diane V. Papedo Award

The Diane Papedo Award is given annually to a Rocky Mountain PBS volunteer who has shown outstanding leadership, effectiveness and unselfish service.

Rocky Mountain PBS Award Recipients:

Diane Papedo, 1994 (pictured above)
Amy Carder and Laura Hoganson, 1994
Suzie Robinson, 1995
Vicki Reynolds, 1996
Joanie Butts, 1997
Laura Sampson, 1998
Joan Johnson, 1999
Donna Dickinson, 2000
Ron Ackerman, 2001
Patty Boyd, 2004
Judi Martine, 2007
Pat Hoeft, 2008
Marge Romberger, 2009
Lydia Winkler, 2010 
Don Johnson, 2011

Station's Archived Memories

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