Colorado MAKERS

Colorado MAKERS honors local heroines that have shaped our state and our nation. These vingettes, in partnership with MAKERS: Women Who Make America, create a dynamic video and broadcast initiative that features exclusive access to trailblazing women.

Theresa Strader

Professionally for the past 24 years, Theresa has worked as a Pediatric Nurse, specializing in the field of Pediatric Oncology. Throughout those years as well, Theresa devoted the majority of her spare time to rescuing animals. She has volunteered in shelters across the country in a variety of positions: Adoption Counselor, Temperament Evaluator, Foster Care Coordinator and foster home. After attending a large-scale dog auction on February 17, 2007 in the heart of puppy mill country, Theresa was inspired to make a lasting difference for the dogs held captive by the commercial dog breeding industry. National Mill Dog Rescue ( was formed to honor one very special dog who was rescued on that day, Lily.

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